Birthday Musings: Silver Linings from a Crazy-cation

I recently spent a week vacationing in So. Cal. This trip was born out of the need to fulfill continuing education credits for my professional certification. I planned to attend Perform Better’s 3-day Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, CA. My husband (Mike) and I decided it would be fun to turn it into a little vacation since this year the Summit ended the day before my birthday, and I love celebrating birthdays! Last year I attended the Summit with 3 friends/colleagues and 3 of the 4 of us began the trip with a full day at Disneyland, which was incredibly fun and even more exhausting.

What could be better than spending a day at Disneyland again this year? Heading to “The Happiest Place on Earth” after the Summit, on my birthday, with my husband, throw in a second day, visit both parks, and stay two nights at Disney’s California Grand Hotel. My mind was full of epic birthday visions!

Have I mentioned we also made plans to attend a concert on our first night and spend our last day with an overnight visit to our friends’ home in San Diego? This is how Mike and I often begin trips. One idea sparks the trip. Then we begin layering on “this fun thing” and “that fun thing”, and before you know it, we have created a “crazy-cation”! It may be fair to say we like to make the most of our airfare.

Unfortunately this adventure did not begin on a positive note. Our flight to Long Beach was delayed two hours. When we returned to the gate at the new boarding time, we were told the plane had already departed. (Despite the departure screens not reflecting this change and no announcements were made over the loud speaker; insert many expletives here!) After finally arriving in Long Beach and driving to our hotel, we discovered this was not the hotel we thought we had reservations at (same chain, wrong location). Oops.

One of my main concerns when traveling is maintaining my Paleo eating regime, which requires high-quality food. The first silver lining was discovering our hotel room included an in-room microwave and mini-refrigerator/freezer.  In addition to the $70/night lower price tag, this hotel mix-up was beginning to look a lot brighter!  I was now able to order extra food when we went out for dinner and have breakfast in our room the next morning. I was also able to re-freeze the ice pack for my cooler each night and carry my day-time meals with me.

I’ve always thought birthdays are a great time for reflection, which then allows us to look forward with clarity and purpose (thank you Mom for imparting this). Last Aug. when I attended the Summit, I was at my highest weight (about 12 lb. and ~6% body fat heavier than I am now). I was only a few months in to my journey of finding the root cause(s) of my digestive dysfunction. I had just begun eliminating certain foods. It was a major challenge to travel and go to Disneyland without indulging in any of my favorite treats, like mint chocolate chip ice cream, let alone “regular” food like chili in a sourdough bowl. However, I was armed with determination and had already noticed my body beginning to change in a desirable direction.

A year later, it was a great feeling to make this journey, at what is a pretty normal weight/body fat for me (though not where I was in ’07/’08, “A Tale of Two Numbers…”, but I’m getting closer), and not feel as deprived as I had the year before. Another silver lining!

When I stepped on the scale upon returning home, I figured the numbers would be up at least a little, due to lack of sleep, somewhat different and less controlled food, more sodium, etc. To my great surprise, the Tanita scale showed the same range I had seen pre-vacation. This silver lining reinforced the choices I’ve been making over the past year to allow my body every opportunity to heal were paying off in multiple ways.

My mind and my body were thanking me!

We returned home full of exciting new memories and the feeling of needing a “vacation from the vacation.”  Labor Day weekend offered much-needed rest and time for birthday musings. As I look forward to the coming year, I plan to keep my eyes open for all the silver linings glimmering around what may have first appeared to be dark clouds.

To Your Best Health!


P.S. Included a few photos of our trip. Enjoy!

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Lead with Your Heart

Are you interested in improving your physical posture? What about your emotional posture? People often include improving posture as one of their goals when working with me as a fitness professional. Less often, people consider the impact of their emotional posture, which is the mentality/attitude they adopt inwardly as well as the way they express themselves outwardly in various situations.

I’ve had a variety of structural issues most of my life. Some of these issues I believe I was born with, while others were created after my 1200 lb. horse flipped over backward and landed on top of me when I was 12 years old. Both likely worsened after a car accident in July 2008. Though I may appear to have good posture, I actually have many rotations throughout my body that aren’t meant to be there. This has resulted in excess stress on the tissues, causing some muscles to be unusually tight, while others are weak. I’ve experienced symptoms of fatigue, weakness, pain, and muscle spasms.

I had tried many therapeutic modalities over the years, in addition to my knowledge of corrective exercise, but couldn’t find long-term relief or healing from
chronic pain and physical limitations. Finally, through regular Rolfing work
with Stephan Evanko, I’m gaining greater understanding of the role my nervous
system plays with my physical issues, and am grateful for the slow, but sure
progress and relief I’m experiencing. I’ve used many tools over the years to
assist clients in improving both their physical and emotional posture. However,
Stephan gave me a new tool, which I’ve valued for both its simplicity and

Stephan first gave me the advice of “leading with my heart” as a way to reduce chronic pain and improve how I move in space. I have actively worked on my posture for many years and am often complimented on the way I carry myself. However, I’ve also learned that there are almost always deeper levels of progress to be explored. He also mentioned how this same approach can improve the way we relate to the world.

I pondered this dual benefit for the next few weeks as I avidly practiced. I visualized myself projecting my heart literally out in front of me as I moved. I began to make the connection between this physical posturing and reduced frequency and severity of pain in my feet and hips. I also noticed that I was more likely to be open and warm in engaging with the world.

I’d venture to say most people are guarded in some way, both physically and emotionally. We subconsciously alter our posture and gait to avoid moving through stiff or painful ranges of motion. If we have desk jobs, or even if we spend hours on email and Facebook, we end up with tightened/shortened muscles on the front of our bodies. This creates further muscular imbalances and unintended consequences. We have all experienced challenging relationships and loss, resulting in emotional pain. Our bodies prefer the path of least resistance, so we subconsciously build in defenses to avoid feeling both types
of pain again.

How often do you greet the world chest up and heart out? This can feel vulnerable on many levels. But consider this: the word “courage” comes originally from the Latin word for “heart” (“cor”). So in putting your heart out there, you are being literally courageous. And consider this quote from the writer Anaïs Nin: “The world shrinks or expands, according to one’s courage.”

So I offer you this encouragement: that incorporating the simple cue of “leading with your heart” may be the easiest way to improve not only your physical posture, but also the way in which you relate to the world, and the way the world relates back to you.

To Your Best Health!


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Sweet Dreams are Made of These

It’s no secret that we all feel better after a good night of sleep. We think more clearly, are more likely to greet the day with a smile (for which your family and co-workers will Thank you!), and are less likely to indulge in caffeine as a substitute for the real energy we’re missing. (Insert swift ninja kick to 5-hour Energy drink here!)

What I find most interesting, however, is that our culture is vastly under-educated about almost all things sleep-related. Aside from hearing over and over that you should get 8 hours of sleep (and drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water…what is it with the “8’s” anyway?), I’d venture to say the majority of people don’t truly appreciate Why it’s so important to get this precious sleep, let alone How to go about actually setting yourself up for sleepy success!

It has been my observation that sleep is viewed as one of The Expendables (visualize “Syndrome” the evil villain against The Incredibles!). “Syndrome” is exactly what you’ll end up with too, a whole list of ’em, if you allow sleep to be an Expendable in your life over the long haul.

Lack of sleep leaves you looking like this guy, complete with the extra pudge!

Sleep is where our bodies heal and recover. Yes, this could be recovery from a hard workout, but more than that it’s recovery from day-to-day life. The longer we are awake the more toxins build up in each and every cell. This is why we feel “run-down”, “groggy” “fuzzy headed”…we are literally becoming a toxic soup inside and when you feel this way, it is your body sending signals that Rest is needed, STAT!

Just like most people don’t realize we burn a lot of calories simply carrying out basic daily functions involved in being alive (this is your basal metabolic rate), all of these functions produce waste by-products that need to be cleared out, which only effectively happens when we get sleep in both the quantity and quality the body requires. This necessary amount will vary between individuals, but notice I said the amount which “the BODY requires”. This tends to be vastly different from the amount we “think we can get by on”. If you’re truly OK with “just getting by” then I doubt you’re still following my blog! My passion lies is Optimizing how we feel and function so that we can truly enjoy our time in this life! Most people have no idea how much better they can feel because they’ve just “gotten by” for So Long.

As a Fitness Professional for the past 8 years, I’ve always worked the “early shift”, which means I start work anywhere from 5-6 am.  I’ve always strived to “walk the talk”; partly because I value my own health and well-being, but also because I don’t know why anyone would trust me over the long haul if I didn’t take my own advice.  I’d better have set a good example by caring enough about my clients and those I’m interacting with, to show up well-rested and ready to be attentive to their needs, not to mention caring enough about how I feel to enjoy my day and be productive, knowing I brought my best self!

So what does my sleep reality look like? My alarm (2 in fact!) will go off @3:00 AM. YES, you read that correctly. (If I had a dime for every time I was asked what takes me 2 hours to get ready in the morning…let’s just say this is the amount of time I need to show up at work for an entire day ready to go! Good breakfast eaten, meals for the rest of the day with me, along with plenty of water, and any other supplies I need for the day, as I don’t live close enough to run back home, and looking and feeling Alert!) I used to think getting in to bed 8 hours before the time the alarm was set for, meant I would get 8 hours of sleep. I have learned this is absolutely NOT the case!

I began wearing a device last fall called an Exerspy by DotFit ( Along with hourly tracking of calories expended, activity intensity, and steps, it also tracks sleep efficiency. You get to see this nifty graph showing what time you actually fell asleep, how much time you really slept, when you were just lying there, etc. I learned that even though I’m a pretty efficient sleeper most nights (90+%) that still puts me at getting 30-60 min. less sleep than the amount of time I spent in bed. This was SO eye-opening for me! (no pun intended ;)) No wonder I had trouble staying awake and often had a headache! I truly thought I was getting “enough” sleep, but my body was telling me otherwise; I just didn’t quite know how to listen.

An average (week)night of sleep for me now (8/23/11), 8 hrs 7 min. actually asleep (solid blue areas) @93% efficiency. The white lines are when I woke up, even if I didn't realize it.

Armed with this info., I finally had the motivation I needed to get serious about rearranging my day to get into bed an hour earlier! I’d wanted to do this for a long time, but it always felt Impossible. I was already struggling with so much “to-do” (and this did Not include down time or watching TV, but being busy right up until “bed time”) that I barely made it to bed by 7 pm most nights. I did not know How I was going to make 6 pm a reality, but I knew it wasn’t OK to keep falling asleep during the day (and especially not while driving!!) and generally feeling run down. I was learning that my body needed more sleep than it was getting, plain and simple.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. As the saying goes, I did make it happen and I’ve remained committed to this for approx. 9 months now. I am better able to recognize when I don’t get enough sleep and what it feels like when I do. I am finding my life-long struggle with sleepiness while driving is improving (this is one of my major motivators! Talk about dangerous…) I also understand that every day is a new day and sometimes I need more sleep than other days. I’ve been fascinated with optimizing sleep for a long time. I read an interesting book I read a few months ago called “Lights Out”. It’s a bit of an intense book, but I’ll sum up some valuable take away points:

  • We need complete darkness for quality sleep. This means covering up or removing all light sources; alarm clocks, TV, computer, etc. A few years back we made the very smart purchase of a black out shade from Home Depot. Going to bed when the sun is still up means there is a lot of light that needs blocked out! I now also cover my alarm clock and do not have a TV or computer in the bedroom.
  • We produce important, fat-burning (and muscle preserving) hormones when we sleep. If you’ve dialed in your nutrition, exercise and attitude, but are still struggling to see the physique results, you are likely Not getting enough quality and/or quantity of sleep.
  • When we are under-rested, our body needs energy. What’s the quickest source of energy? Carbohydrates. And it isn’t likely you’ll be craving broccoli either. You’re body will send out the APB for quick energy, usually in the form of candy, bread, pastries, insert unhealthy choice here. You may beat yourself up for lack of “will-power” when in reality you are battling nature. Increase your sleep and you increase your ability to pass up the foods you know have no business being in a healthy body.
  • All sorts of other serious health issues can be linked to chronic lack of sleep. Remember, sleep = repair. If your body continually is deprived of repair, it will eventually break down.

Now that you can no longer claim to be uneducated about the critical importance of sleep, it’s time to schedule sleep just like you would any other important activity or appointment. Develop your own personal sleep plan and adjust as needed! Use your journal ( and keep notes to learn more about how you feel and function as your sleep varies. Engage in daily prevention by sleeping with intention!

To Your Best Health!


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Impatient for Results? Use the 90/10 Rule. . .

Are you finding yourself getting impatient, thinking the results you’re looking for
just aren’t coming quickly enough? This is one of the most common frustrations
I hear. Just as often I also hear people say, and believe, that they’re
working hard and making so many changes “but the scale won’t budge”. This is
where getting objective, versus subjective, is important…enter the 90/10 rule.
You may have heard of the 80/20 rule, which often works well for maintenance,
but if you’re looking for change, it’s time to step up to the 90/10!

I talk often about the reality of nutrition playing a much more powerful
role in your body composition than does your exercise. Exercise is the catalyst
which will accelerate your results and make you look better faster. BUT without
great nutrition you’ll be treading water, at best, and certainly not racing
across the finish line. You may have heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. “Bad” can be pretty darn subjective. Let’s take a closer look at how this applies to the 90/10.

Warning! This is only for those who are serious about jumping on the fast track toward Results!

What does 90/10 look like in real terms? Let’s say you eat 4x/day on average. 7
days/week x 4 x eating/day = 28 times you eat each week. 28*.90 = 25.2. This
leaves only 2.8 (3) times per week that you eat that you get wiggle room for
not adhering to all the nutritional guidelines. This does NOT mean you go crazy
at those 3 times either. It means if you choose to have a glass of wine
with dinner, a special dessert, or you’ve got a social function and you want to
try a new dish you know has some dairy in it, for example. These are your 3
times that equal your 10% for the week. It’s not 3 full meals where you go hog
wild and have every naughty thing you know you’re supposed to avoid. 😉

THIS is how you make the kind of progress you’re looking for. It’s one of the key ways I got the results I referenced in my previous post, A Tale of Two Numbers . . . It’s really not
complicated, but it will be a whole lot easier when you choose an attitude that allows for success. Grab a notebook and start tracking your habits so you can find patterns, trends and other clues as to what’s really going on day in and day out. Go through your logs and use a red pen to mark where you’ve taken your 10% and find out if your “10%” is really a much higher number or not (better yet have someone else do some double checking to keep you honest!)

Use your notebook to get clear about what you want and WHY it’s so important to you. Record info. about your goals, starting body composition, time in and out of bed along with notes about quality of sleep, mood/attitude, activity and nutrition – Every food or beverage that goes in your mouth, no matter how small the amount! Surround yourself
with supportive peeps (, be Prepared (always thinking 2-3 meals ahead) and know that every choice you make (consistency is Key! food/sleep/commitments etc.) which support your goals will accelerate your progress toward reaching them!

Stay Positive and Rock On with Your Bad Self! 😉

To Your Best Health!


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The “Holy Grail” of Fat Loss

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me say that I played around with a number of titles for this post; “The Holy Grail of Change”; “One of the Best Ways I Know to Change Your Body/Mind/Health (pick one!), but you can probably agree that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well; or how about this one, “The Best Way to Reach Your Goals”. In the end I chose the one likely to garner the most views. 😉

So what is this “Holy Grail of Fat Loss” I’m referring to? It’s the ever talked about Food Log. Call it a journal, call it a log, call it a diary, but whatever you call it, it truly is your best friend in the battle of the bulge! For that matter, it is the best tool I know of to consistently produce results. Whatever it is you’re working toward, the journal is an invaluable companion. It’s a window into that which we do and forget about in our ever-busy lives.

How was your sleep last night? What time did you go to bed? How was your mood after you ate that granola bar? How many “taste testing” bites did you take while cooking? I could go on and on …and ON! The Log is the Good Angel on your shoulder. You know, the one holding you accountable to achieving your potential and beyond! All the while the Little Devil on the other shoulder is learning to take a back seat while you get serious about change!

Each time I’ve wanted to make a change that was most definitely outside my comfort zone, a change that left me feeling scared and doubtful of my ability to succeed, I have used the Journal as my partner. Thankfully, this partner has never let me down (it helped that I was equally committed to my partner!). (See “A Tale of Two Numbers” for an example of one of the times using a food log was an integral part of my physique changes) It really is quite simple, though not necessarily easy. But whoever said anything truly worthwhile in life was EASY to attain? It’s time to get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to make a game changing move in your life.

I am currently in a “game changing” period in my life. If you’ve read the “My Story” section of the blog you know digestive issues run in my family. Well, it turns out I’ve got an extra special case of them. I’ve known things weren’t quite right for most of my life, but the “it runs in the family” reasoning always made sense. At the beginning of 2010, things took a noticeable turn for the worse. I made the decision that I was no longer willing to settle. I committed to myself that I would get to the root of my issues and take whatever steps necessary to improve my quality of life. I have too much passion for Living to be held back as I have been. I believe each moment in life is precious and I will never get them back. I don’t intend to look back with regret, thinking I could’ve/should’ve done more.

Fast forward a year and a half. I’ve been on quite the journey, but the good news is I’ve stuck to my mantra (Never Give Up!) and I continue with progress, though it sometimes comes in the form of moving backward before forward. How does this relate to the Holy Grail of Fat Loss, the elusive Food Log? Well, one of the things I’ve been doing is keeping a detailed food log of exactly what I consume at what time. Then I answer a series of questions regarding how I feel 1-2 hours after eating. This accountability and interaction really help me (and my health advisors) find patterns, see change over time, etc.  I also track info. about my sleep and other pertinent info. to my situation.

Is this convenient? Oh my goodness, No. Do I “have the time”? HARDLY! So how am I staying faithful to the process? I am 100% clear with myself as to my motivation. I know just how badly I want to reach my goals and I know exactly what those goals are and how much they mean to me. I MAKE the time. I FIND ways to be successful. I carry around pieces of paper to log during the day for real-time info. as the important little details about how I’m feeling would surely get lost in translation if I tried to recall them hours later. I then have to transfer the info. into a spreadsheet in the computer and email it to one of my advisors. When I travel I take photo logs and email them.

My current goals do have ties to body composition modification. In the past when I’ve used the Journal, my goals have primarily been about fat loss and altering my physique. The journal can take many forms. I’ve had paper scraps, bound notebooks, and used various free on-line logging programs. The theme is taking smart, consistent action and being accountable. Our lives are a product of our choices, from the Big ones all the way down to the teeny, tiny moment by moment choices. There are very few accidents or coincidences in what may be deemed success or failure, and Plenty of personal growth learning opportunities! Taking personal responsibility for where we are and where we want to be is what it’s all about.

Did the “Holy Grail of Fat Loss” end up being a little less Sexy than you’d hoped for? Did it seem too good to be true that after only a few blog entries, I’d be ready to give up the goods and let you in on the one little secret you just knew was being withheld from you? Well I am letting you in those precious secrets because what is usually holding us back is none other than Ourselves. Once we learn to get out of our own way and clear the path for success, it is there for the taking. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, get comfortable with being Uncomfortable, and embrace that taking smart, consistent action is what Will get you to your goals, then you truly have found the Holy Grail of Fat Loss (or feel free to insert one of my other catchy titles here!) 😉

To Your Best Health!


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A Tale of Two Numbers . . .

I want to weigh “x” lbs. I want to be a size “#”. How much do I weigh? How much Should I weigh? What are my measurements? What is my Body Composition?

Most people I meet are quick to tell me the first two statements above, and it is usually assumed that I should know how much one “should” weigh. When asked why someone wants to weigh a certain number or be a particular size, the answer is usually along the lines of “I weighed that much in high school/college (insert chosen time of life here)” or the explanation reveals the number/size “sounds good” (often based on years of having read the weights of models/celebrities, who we don’t know in person, but see an image portrayed in print or on screen).  This of course isn’t at all taking into consideration height or genetics, let alone at what point an individual actually Feels and Functions great!

Measurements and body composition (along with a good visual and chat) tell me a lot more about your health than does scale weight or clothing size. Most people have had some measurements taken at one time or another, but body composition is often a foreign concept. Scale weight is an easy way out as far as I see it. In school or at the doctor’s office, we get weighed and someone with some BMI chart (I’ll rant about this another time!) tells us if we are over or under weight or if we’re “just right”, like this is some Goldilocks fairytale!

So what is body composition and why is it so valuable? Body composition refers to how much lean tissue (muscle, organs, bones) and fat tissue we are comprised of.  We all require a certain amount of fat to be healthy and because ladies are designed to carry babies, we get to also carry a higher percentage of body fat to be healthy.  There is no magic number that’s right for each gender, as it depends on personal goals/preferences and how the muscle and fat are distributed on each individual. However, body composition (both muscle mass and fat mass) is an important variable to pay attention to
and a great one to create goals around!

Let me share a personal example. In 2003 I reached a personal low (scale) weight that I’d only achieved one previous time in my adult life. I had my body composition done and discovered my body fat was at a respectable level, but nothing to write home about.  Over the next few years I worked diligently on various aspects of my fitness and health. In 2007 I again reached the particular scale weight I’d been so excited about before. However, this time when I had my body composition tested, the results were vastly different.  On the
scale the number was less than 2 lb. different, but that is where the similarities ended! I had lost 8 lb of fat and gained 6.5 lb of muscle, with the net result of losing nearly 7% body fat!

If you’re wondering if I looked “bulky” with all that extra muscle, I can assure you I did not! I looked leaner and better proportioned and felt more fit and had less physical discomfort (chronically achy neck, and back were no more!) than I had at any prior time in my life! I felt strong, small, fit, and generally fabulous!

Nov. '07 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Next time you’re looking to “lose weight” or otherwise make changes to your physique, make an appointment with a knowledgeable fitness professional and record some important baseline data about where you are currently at. The four variables I use to objectively track changes over time are:  scale, measurements, photos (front/back/both sides, and often a “flexing” photo or two), and body composition. Enjoy the freedom and pride of accomplishment that comes from learning to look beyond simple scale weight to determine if you’re “where you should be”.  Listen to your body, track your variables, and enjoy the process of change!

To Your Best Health!


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Say Goodbye to Overeating!

If you’re like most of us who’ve spent years feeling the need to cut back on how much you eat to see the scale start moving downwards, you’re going to Love this! First, let’s reflect on what kinds of foods you (think) you’ve overeaten … Bread? Ice Cream? Chicken Legs? Cookies? Vegetables? Chips? Pasta? Fruit? (Commercially) Roasted/Salted Nuts? Crackers? Cereal? Steak? Raw Nuts? Hmm…

How should we define overeating? Can we agree that overeating is eating more than your body needs for satiety, energy, clear thoughts, and a stable mood? We tend to eat beyond our needs when something is sweet or salty…you know, you just finished eating a full dinner, but somehow there’s “always room for dessert”? Why don’t the extra few hundred calories in that dessert register the same way as eating another plate of dinner? Or what
about that entire bag of chips you just ate, but somehow you’re still hungry?

Have you ever eaten an entire package of steak or head of lettuce? Not likely, right? Ever wonder why? When we eat the foods our body needs to thrive…repair/rebuild/refuel…our body understands what to do with this food. It recognizes it and knows it’s receiving the nutrients it needs.  We receive clear signals to stop eating because we’ve had enough.

However, when we eat foods that are sugary, salty or quite altered from their natural state, our body keeps wanting more because it knows it’s lacking true energy and nutrients and is essentially telling you to keep trying.  This is why the myth of calories in vs. calories out is so misleading! (Are You Falling Prey to this Myth?)

When switching to eating Real Food…whole, one-ingredient foods that have been around since pre-historic times, our bodies undergo some amazing changes! Most notably, cravings start to subside (a thank-you from the body for finally providing the right kind of fuel!) and we begin eating the amount we Need. That’s right, not the amount we think we need based on having been told we should only eat 3 oz of meat and lots of bread and pasta to be healthy, but the amount your individual body tells you it needs!

Part of the journey towards optimal health is getting to know YOU. What does your body need, today? As you find the right balance of protein/good fats/produce for YOU, you’ll find you are no longer fighting a battle all day long of constantly trying to eat less, track calories and avoid cravings! As your body finds balance you are rewarded with extra energy (mentally and physically) to focus on Living! Say Goodbye to Overeating and fall in Love with the rewards of eating real food!

To Your Best Health!


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