Turn Back the Clock

Visualize your co-worker seated at his/her desk, working at the computer for hours on end, brow furrowed, leaning in closer to the monitor, concentrating on the task at hand. Now realize this visualization applies just as accurately to your co-worker visualizing You.

If you’re one of a shrinking number of Americans who doesn’t have a desk based job, think of how much of your daily life is spent either seated, or engaged in activity that does not promote strong, upright posture; cleaning, gardening, landscaping, driving, repetitive bending and lifting (without perfect form every time), working in a salon, construction . . . the list goes on.

Each of these activities promote a forward flexed posture. Take a look around and you’ll see plenty of examples; chin jutting out, shoulders rounded forward, belly protruding. Chances are, you may avoid looking in the mirror because you don’t want to see this evidence reflected back at you.

Stiffness or pain in the knees, hips, or back need not be viewed as a normal part of aging that is out of your control.  More commonly, these ailments are symptoms of modern man (and woman!) and result from habits and activities of daily living.

The great news is you can start turning back the clock and restoring the pain-free movement you once enjoyed! Check out the video below, created by my partner in the Paleo Experience Bootcamp, Rueben, and I, for the juicy details.

Foam rollers and tennis balls are inexpensive tools to have at home. With consistent use you will begin to notice greater freedom of movement and dissipation of chronic aches and pains.

I’d love to hear your experience with using the foam roller and related tools. Jump to the end of the page and use the “Share Your Thoughts” box. If you enjoyed this post, you can show your support by clicking the “Like” button that follows.

To Your Best Health,


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About Autum's FITNESS 4U

I love all things health-related and have a special passion for dancing, hiking, traveling, and creating memories! I am grateful to have an amazing husband, family and friends to share this life with.
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3 Responses to Turn Back the Clock

  1. seattlesamba says:

    Great video–very clear demo of all the moves! I especially like the thoracic stretch and will try it today. (I bought a foam roller a year ago and have used it exactly once…) I’ve never seen that stretch before, and can just imagine how it will relax that area. Just seeing your head curve back fully over the roller makes me realize that I never cover that range of movement, and I need to.

    Also really liked your line, Autum, that “We live in a forward world.” So true that nearly everything nudges us into a forward posture–computers, driving, even talking to a friend–and I see now what a scrunched-up effect that has on my posture.

    Your video also made me look (reluctantly) at the way I sit at my computer, and yikes–you’d never know I was a lifelong dancer! I go into a total tech-head slouch when online. Really need that thoracic stretch!

    Again, great video, including fun patter between you two. (Although recommending a “small pet” that “doesn’t make much noise” for the glute stretch has made my cat go into hiding. :-))

    • I see a long and happy relationship unfolding between you and your (formerly) neglected foam roller. Your body will soon be thanking you (*though your cat may not*) and renewed joy may emerge in your dancing. 😉 Actually using the roller with my cats around is always amusing because they roll around on the floor with me, seeming quite happy that I’m hanging out in their territory. You’ll find part 2 and 3 foam rolling videos on our YouTube page for additional instruction.

  2. rrapptor says:

    Thank you, works fantastic!

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