Impatient for Results? Use the 90/10 Rule. . .

Are you finding yourself getting impatient, thinking the results you’re looking for
just aren’t coming quickly enough? This is one of the most common frustrations
I hear. Just as often I also hear people say, and believe, that they’re
working hard and making so many changes “but the scale won’t budge”. This is
where getting objective, versus subjective, is important…enter the 90/10 rule.
You may have heard of the 80/20 rule, which often works well for maintenance,
but if you’re looking for change, it’s time to step up to the 90/10!

I talk often about the reality of nutrition playing a much more powerful
role in your body composition than does your exercise. Exercise is the catalyst
which will accelerate your results and make you look better faster. BUT without
great nutrition you’ll be treading water, at best, and certainly not racing
across the finish line. You may have heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. “Bad” can be pretty darn subjective. Let’s take a closer look at how this applies to the 90/10.

Warning! This is only for those who are serious about jumping on the fast track toward Results!

What does 90/10 look like in real terms? Let’s say you eat 4x/day on average. 7
days/week x 4 x eating/day = 28 times you eat each week. 28*.90 = 25.2. This
leaves only 2.8 (3) times per week that you eat that you get wiggle room for
not adhering to all the nutritional guidelines. This does NOT mean you go crazy
at those 3 times either. It means if you choose to have a glass of wine
with dinner, a special dessert, or you’ve got a social function and you want to
try a new dish you know has some dairy in it, for example. These are your 3
times that equal your 10% for the week. It’s not 3 full meals where you go hog
wild and have every naughty thing you know you’re supposed to avoid. 😉

THIS is how you make the kind of progress you’re looking for. It’s one of the key ways I got the results I referenced in my previous post, A Tale of Two Numbers . . . It’s really not
complicated, but it will be a whole lot easier when you choose an attitude that allows for success. Grab a notebook and start tracking your habits so you can find patterns, trends and other clues as to what’s really going on day in and day out. Go through your logs and use a red pen to mark where you’ve taken your 10% and find out if your “10%” is really a much higher number or not (better yet have someone else do some double checking to keep you honest!)

Use your notebook to get clear about what you want and WHY it’s so important to you. Record info. about your goals, starting body composition, time in and out of bed along with notes about quality of sleep, mood/attitude, activity and nutrition – Every food or beverage that goes in your mouth, no matter how small the amount! Surround yourself
with supportive peeps (, be Prepared (always thinking 2-3 meals ahead) and know that every choice you make (consistency is Key! food/sleep/commitments etc.) which support your goals will accelerate your progress toward reaching them!

Stay Positive and Rock On with Your Bad Self! 😉

To Your Best Health!


About Autum's FITNESS 4U

I love all things health-related and have a special passion for dancing, hiking, traveling, and creating memories! I am grateful to have an amazing husband, family and friends to share this life with.
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4 Responses to Impatient for Results? Use the 90/10 Rule. . .

  1. Jane Beringer says:

    Well written post and the thought of 90/10 is terrific. I’m going to try this starting today. Jane

  2. Dona Forrester says:

    Great blog Autum! Thank you for the great tips!

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