The “Holy Grail” of Fat Loss

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me say that I played around with a number of titles for this post; “The Holy Grail of Change”; “One of the Best Ways I Know to Change Your Body/Mind/Health (pick one!), but you can probably agree that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well; or how about this one, “The Best Way to Reach Your Goals”. In the end I chose the one likely to garner the most views. ūüėČ

So what is this “Holy Grail of Fat Loss” I’m referring to? It’s the ever talked about Food Log. Call it a journal, call it a log, call it a diary, but whatever you call it, it truly is your best friend in the battle of the bulge! For that matter, it is the best tool I know of to consistently produce results. Whatever it is you’re working toward, the journal is an invaluable companion. It’s a window into that which we do and forget about in our ever-busy lives.

How was your sleep last night? What time did you go to bed? How was your mood after you ate that granola bar? How many “taste testing” bites did you take while cooking? I could go on and on …and ON! The Log is the Good Angel on your shoulder. You know, the one holding you accountable to achieving your potential and beyond! All the while the Little Devil on the other shoulder is learning to take a back seat while you get serious about change!

Each time I’ve wanted to make a change that was most definitely outside my comfort zone, a change that left me feeling scared and doubtful of my ability to succeed, I have used the Journal as my partner. Thankfully, this partner has never let me down (it helped that I was equally committed to my partner!). (See “A Tale of Two Numbers” ¬†¬†for an example of one of the times using a food log was an integral part of my physique changes) It really is quite simple, though not necessarily easy. But whoever said anything truly worthwhile in life was EASY to attain? It’s time to get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to make a game changing move in your life.

I am currently in a “game changing” period in my life. If you’ve read the “My Story”¬†section of the blog you know digestive issues run in my family. Well, it turns out I’ve got an extra special case of them. I’ve known things weren’t quite right for most of my life, but the “it runs in the family” reasoning always made sense. At the beginning of 2010, things took a noticeable turn for the worse. I made the decision that I was no longer willing to settle. I committed to myself that I would get to¬†the root of my issues and take whatever steps necessary to improve my quality of life. I have too much passion for Living to be held back as I have been. I believe¬†each moment in life is precious and I will never get them back. I don’t intend to look back with regret, thinking I could’ve/should’ve done more.

Fast forward a year and a half. I’ve been on quite the journey, but the good news is I’ve stuck to my mantra (Never Give Up!) and I continue with progress, though it sometimes comes in the form of moving backward before forward. How does this relate to the Holy Grail of Fat Loss, the elusive Food Log? Well, one of the things I’ve been doing is keeping a detailed food log of exactly what I consume at what time. Then I answer a series of questions regarding how I feel 1-2 hours after eating. This accountability and interaction really help me (and my health advisors) find patterns, see change over time, etc.¬† I also track info. about my sleep and other pertinent info. to my situation.

Is this convenient? Oh my goodness, No. Do I “have the time”? HARDLY! So how am I staying faithful to the process? I am 100% clear with myself as to my motivation. I know just how badly I want to reach my goals and I know exactly what those goals are and how much they mean to me. I MAKE the time. I FIND ways to be successful. I carry around pieces of paper to log during the day for real-time info. as the important little details about how I’m feeling would surely get lost in translation if I tried to recall them hours later. I then have to transfer the info. into a¬†spreadsheet in the computer and email it to one of my advisors. When I travel I take photo logs and email them.

My current goals do have ties to body composition modification. In the past when I’ve used the Journal, my goals have primarily been about fat loss and altering my physique. The journal can take many forms. I’ve had paper scraps, bound notebooks, and¬†used various free on-line logging programs. The theme is taking smart, consistent action and being accountable. Our lives are a product of our choices, from the Big ones all the way down to the teeny, tiny moment by moment choices. There are very few accidents or coincidences in what may be deemed success or failure, and¬†Plenty of personal growth learning opportunities!¬†Taking personal responsibility for where we are and where we want to be is what it’s all about.

Did the “Holy Grail of Fat Loss” end up being a little less Sexy than you’d hoped for? Did it seem too good to be true that after only a few blog entries, I’d be ready to give up the goods and let you in on the one little secret you just knew was being withheld from you? Well I am letting you in those precious secrets because what is usually holding us back is none other than Ourselves. Once we learn to get out of our own way and clear the path for success, it is there for the taking. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, get comfortable with being Uncomfortable, and embrace that taking smart, consistent action is what Will get you to your goals, then you truly have found the Holy Grail of Fat Loss (or feel free to insert one of my other catchy titles here!) ūüėČ

To Your Best Health!



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I love all things health-related and have a special passion for dancing, hiking, traveling, and creating memories! I am grateful to have an amazing husband, family and friends to share this life with.
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3 Responses to The “Holy Grail” of Fat Loss

  1. Regina D says:

    Another great, well thought out entry. Your ideas on Healthy Living and the way to do it is always “so true”. You reiterate things that I have read and have chosen not to listen to. This has given me the inspiration to start a food journal and write down all the things I should that may help me find success where I have fallen short in the past. Thank you Autum!

    How about “The Holy Grail of Optimizing Your Life”.

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