Say Goodbye to Overeating!

If you’re like most of us who’ve spent years feeling the need to cut back on how much you eat to see the scale start moving downwards, you’re going to Love this! First, let’s reflect on what kinds of foods you (think) you’ve overeaten … Bread? Ice Cream? Chicken Legs? Cookies? Vegetables? Chips? Pasta? Fruit? (Commercially) Roasted/Salted Nuts? Crackers? Cereal? Steak? Raw Nuts? Hmm…

How should we define overeating? Can we agree that overeating is eating more than your body needs for satiety, energy, clear thoughts, and a stable mood? We tend to eat beyond our needs when something is sweet or salty…you know, you just finished eating a full dinner, but somehow there’s “always room for dessert”? Why don’t the extra few hundred calories in that dessert register the same way as eating another plate of dinner? Or what
about that entire bag of chips you just ate, but somehow you’re still hungry?

Have you ever eaten an entire package of steak or head of lettuce? Not likely, right? Ever wonder why? When we eat the foods our body needs to thrive…repair/rebuild/refuel…our body understands what to do with this food. It recognizes it and knows it’s receiving the nutrients it needs.  We receive clear signals to stop eating because we’ve had enough.

However, when we eat foods that are sugary, salty or quite altered from their natural state, our body keeps wanting more because it knows it’s lacking true energy and nutrients and is essentially telling you to keep trying.  This is why the myth of calories in vs. calories out is so misleading! (Are You Falling Prey to this Myth?)

When switching to eating Real Food…whole, one-ingredient foods that have been around since pre-historic times, our bodies undergo some amazing changes! Most notably, cravings start to subside (a thank-you from the body for finally providing the right kind of fuel!) and we begin eating the amount we Need. That’s right, not the amount we think we need based on having been told we should only eat 3 oz of meat and lots of bread and pasta to be healthy, but the amount your individual body tells you it needs!

Part of the journey towards optimal health is getting to know YOU. What does your body need, today? As you find the right balance of protein/good fats/produce for YOU, you’ll find you are no longer fighting a battle all day long of constantly trying to eat less, track calories and avoid cravings! As your body finds balance you are rewarded with extra energy (mentally and physically) to focus on Living! Say Goodbye to Overeating and fall in Love with the rewards of eating real food!

To Your Best Health!



About Autum's FITNESS 4U

I love all things health-related and have a special passion for dancing, hiking, traveling, and creating memories! I am grateful to have an amazing husband, family and friends to share this life with.
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6 Responses to Say Goodbye to Overeating!

  1. If I only eat the ice cream that has 5 ingredients or less….does that count?

    😉 Again, good info. I’m going to reread and reflect on this.

  2. LOL, well it’s a step in the right direction for when you do have a treat! Especially if you know what all the ingredients actually are! I’d direct you toward coconut ice cream for the occasional splurge, then you won’t have dairy or soy, which tend to be linked to all sorts of issues. 😉 Reflection is so valuable…makes me smile that you were encouraged to do so!

  3. Vince O'Neill says:

    Autum, have you read the series of posts about ‘food reward’ that Stephan Guyenet did on his Whole Health Source blog ( Interesting stuff that provides some insights into the physiology of why we overeat highly rewarding food. I’m not willing to give up good tasting food, but it certainly makes clear one more reason steer clear of the stuff specifically engineered to make you crave it.

    • Thanks for the resource, Vince! I just read Part 1 of that series. I hear ya about the good food part, as I am a total foodie and would never stick with something that didn’t involve yummy food! One thing I find interesting is, as Stephan referenced, we are conditioned to certain tastes. Once we begin replacing processed foods with whole foods (and learn simple, tasty cooking techniques and/or follow great recipes!) our tastes change. It is fascinating to find that what we used to think tasted Amazing, now tastes fake, strange, overly sweet…you name it. Change is the challenging part, but the rewards are significant if we just stick with it long enough to give our body and mind a chance to adjust.

  4. Suzanne LeMere says:

    I have noticed a huge difference in my appetite (or lack there of) after adopting this way of eating. I have omitted nearly all processed foods from my diet and increased the amount of protein I eat. As a result, I’m not feeling hunger pangs all the time like I used to. And no, just because I increased my protein doesn’t mean that I’m eating a huge 20+ oz. steak at Claim Jumper, or something ridiculous like that (akin to the Atkins diet). It means I’m eating eggs from cage-free chickens that weren’t injected with hormones, and raw almonds, that sort of thing. I had no idea how much of a negative impact processed foods were making on my efforts to lose weight. Thank you, Autumn, for enlightening me. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Suzanne! I’m so excited you are feeling the benefits of being nourished and not being hungry! Your body is giving you a great big “thank-you” for caring enough to provide what it needs. 🙂

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